Street Improvement Funding

 Long-Term Street Maintenance & Repair Financing

On May 3rd, Wadsworth residents voted to approve an increase of 0.1% to the City's income tax rate - commencing January 1, 2012, for a 10-year period -  to finance a long-term street maintenance and repair program.  

Mayor Laubaugh, City Council, and the City Administration thank residents for supporting the tax, for recognizing that this is an important issue for the City, and for having confidence in City officials to execute this plan.  

Street Program Funding Survey

Over the past few years, the Public Ways Committee of Wadsworth City Council has been working with the City Engineering Department and the City Administration concerning the state of our City Streets with a goal of achieving a well-balanced street system in the City.

In an effort to obtain feedback from the public, ward specific meetings were held in November 2010, to discuss this issue. The purpose of the meetings was to gain feedback from residents on the proposed method of financing street improvements. The meetings included a power point presentation (PDF) or you can watch the meetings on WCTV's mypegcentral webpage under the pulldown "Street Improvements".

Thank you to those who took the time to complete the Street Program Funding Survey, both online and on paper. Over 2100 surveys were tabulated, and results are available (PDF). Your input was invaluable for Council's decision on this issue.

Questions on the Program

Questions on the program may be directed to the following individuals:

  • Robert Patrick (Director of Public Service)
    Phone: 330-335-2777