Grant Programs

Housing Programs

FY2016 CDBG Allocation Grant

Applications are no longer being accepted for this program.

FY2017 CDBG Allocation Grant

Beginning in 2017 the Ohio Development Services Agency is placing the CDBG Allocation program on a biannual basis. Therefore, the City will not be able to participate for funding until 2018.

FY2017 CHIP Grant

The City partnered with Medina County and filed an application for a FY2017 CHIP grant. The application was submitted on May 5, 2017 and we will be notified near the beginning of September, whether that application was funded. More information will be posted here as it becomes available.

General Information (for All Housing Grants)

Programs funded through the CDBG CHIP and Allocation programs are not "home beautification" programs. The activities that are generally eligible for financial assistance include roof repairs; furnaces; hot water tanks; structural deficiencies (porches, stairs, etc.); electrical panels and plumbing and similar building code violations and threats to safety. Cosmetic improvements (i.e. new cabinets, carpeting, etc.) are generally not eligible repairs. Each application will be reviewed to ensure that the repairs being requested meet program goals. Rental properties are not eligible for this program.

Please note that all home repairs and improvements funded through these grants are income-based, and designed to improve housing conditions for low- and moderate-income homeowners. If your household income exceeds the amounts shown on the table for medina county, you do not qualify for any housing grant assistance.